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Moon Phase
Day 16
Waning Gibbous
Next Full Moon is at
8:43 PM on Wednesday,
March 20, 2019
Moonrise 7:39pm
Moonset 7:53am

Normal Temps
Hi 61.8°F
Lo 41.7°F
Yesterday's Temps
Hi 40.9°F (3:06pm)
Lo 37.4°F (11:00pm)
Temps One Year Ago
Hi 76.2°F
Lo 67°F
Record Temps (TTW)1
Hi 77.8°F (2014)
Lo 31.0°F (2009)
Record Temps (Airport)2
Hi 88°F (1986)
Lo 19°F (1978)
1TylerTexasWeather.Com records since Nov 2006
2Tyler Pounds Airport records

Current Conditions

Updated8:17pm Currently Today's Extremes
Temperature 43.8 ^uni007^ Hi: 57.3 ^uni007^ (^vht007^)
Lo: 37.7 ^uni007^ (^vlt007^)
     24-hour temp difference 4.9°F  Falling Temps
Humidity 77% Hi:  ()
Lo:  ()
Dew Point
Hi: °F ()
Lo: °F ()
Wind    @ 
Hi:  ()
Lo:  ()
Barometric Pressure 29.99 inHg
Hi:  in ()
Lo:  in ()
UV Index 0.0
Hi: 3.3 (12:38pm)
Solar Radiation 0 W/m2 Hi:  W/sqm ()
Lo:  W/sqm ()
Rain     0 days since last rain
       8 days of rain this month
        17 days of rain this year
Today: ^vxv121^ ^uni121^
Yesterday: 0.41 in
Storm Total: 0.42 in
Last 7 Days: 0.44 in
MTD: 2.12 in  (Normal: 2.70 in)
YTD: 6.31 in  (Normal: 5.76 in)
Record for this date: 1.39 in (1955)

How Cold Has It Been?

Total Days with Low 32°F or Below Most Consecutive Days with Low 32°F or Below Total Days with High 32°F or Below Most Consecutive Days with High 32°F or Below
21 3 0 0

Tyler Texas Area Forecast


Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
Low: 38°
PoP: 0%

Chance rain
Chance rain
High: 49°
PoP: 50%
Chance rain
Chance rain
Low: 45°
PoP: 40%

Thunder storm
Thunder storm
High: 63°
PoP: 70%
Thunder storm
Thunder storm
Low: 59°
PoP: 60%

Thunder storm
Thunder storm
High: 67°
PoP: 70%

National Forecasts


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East Texas Air Quality

Current Air Quality
Pollutant AQI Index AQI Value
Ozone  Good  39
Particle  Good  21
Air Quality Forecast
Forecast AQI Index Ozone Particles Fine Particles
Today  Good   Good   Good   Good 
Tomorrow  Good   Good   Good   Good 

Pollen Count

Allergen G/CM Result Primary Pollen / Mold
Trees 1   Low  Juniper
Weeds 0   Absent  
Grasses 0   Absent  
Molds 737   Low  Ascomycetes, Cladosporium
G/CM: Grains per Cubic Meter of Air
Latest update available from UT Health Science Center at Tyler posted at 12:21PM on February 20, 2019
Next Update: Thursday, February 21, 2019

Allergy Forecast

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Index Description Index Description Index Description Index Description
5.6  Medium  8.1  Medium-High  7.9  Medium-High  5.8  Medium 
Predominant Pollen: Elm, Cedar/Juniper and Oak

UV Forecast

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
UV Index Description UV Index Description UV Index Description UV Index Description
3.2  Moderate  2.8  Moderate  6.5  High  6.5  High 

Solar Radiation Forecast

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
W/m2 Description W/m2 Description W/m2 Description W/m2 Description
264  Low  195  Very Low  743  High  766  High 

Soil Moisture and Temperature

Depth Temp (°F)
Now / Hi / Lo
Temperature Status Moisture (cb)
Now / Wettest / Driest
Moisture Status
4 inches 48 / 51 / 43    Root Growth Only    5 / 5 / 6    Saturated Soil   
8 inches 49 / 49 / 46    Root Growth Only    0 / 1 / 1    Saturated Soil   

Current Levels of Lakes within an approximate 50-mile Radius of Tyler
Click here to view locations of Tyler Area Lakes

Lake Normal Level Current Level Departure from Normal Water Temp Last Update
Lake Tyler 375.40 feet 375.64 feet 0.24 feet above normal N/A 7:30pm on 2/20
Lake Palestine 345.00 feet 345.62 feet 0.62 feet above normal 46–50°F 8:00pm on 2/20
Lake Fork 403.00 feet 403.05 feet 0.05 feet above normal 46–51°F 7:30pm on 2/20
Lake Athens 440.00 feet 440.56 feet 0.56 feet above normal 47–52°F 7:30pm on 2/20
Lake Tawakoni 437.50 feet 438.53 feet 1.03 feet above normal 48–51°F 7:15pm on 2/20
Cedar Creek Rsvr 322.00 feet 322.19 feet 0.19 feet above normal 46–49°F 7:45pm on 2/20
Richland-Chambers 315.00 feet 315.29 feet 0.29 feet above normal 45–49°F 7:45pm on 2/20
Lake O' the Pines 228.50 feet 228.97 feet 0.47 feet above normal 48–52°F 7:30pm on 2/20
Lake Bob Sandlin 337.50 feet 338.15 feet 0.65 feet above normal 48–52°F 8:00pm on 2/20
N/A indicates the current data for the reporting station is not available

Fire Danger

Fire Weather Index Forecast
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
2 1 1 0 0 0 0
 Low   Low   Low   Low   Low   Low   Low 

Texas Extremes for Past 24 Hours

   High Temp   
67°F at Brownsville/Intl, TX
   Low Temp   
1°F at Borger, TX
1.61 in at Terrell/Muni Arpt, TX

Contiguous US Extremes for Past 24 Hours

   High Temp   
90°F at Naples Municipal, FL
90°F at Winter Haven, FL
   Low Temp   
-30°F at Havre/City Co, MT
3.32 in at Mount Ida, AR

Countdown to Spring
 Spring begins March 20 at 4:58PM  CDT  

Did You Know?

The record high temperature in Tyler is 111 °F and occurred on July 31, 1921.