Located right in the heart of Tyler, Texas, we provide up-to-the minute weather conditions, forecasts, and radar images. We also display a view of the weather in the Piney Woods of East Texas via our live webcam. Please let us know you stopped by and leave your comments about the site by clicking here.

About Tyler Texas Weather


Located in The Woods subdivision in the southeast portion of Tyler, Texas, TylerTexasWeather.com is a privately owned and operated not-for-profit local weather information site. It was created as a combination of my interest in weather phenomenon and computers.

Tyler is location approximately 90 miles east of Dallas and 200 miles north of Houston. The city is known as the "Rose Capital of the Nation" because of the large quantity of rose bushes processed throughout the area. Tyler is also home to America's largest rose garden.

Tyler Texas Weather utilizes a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station to measure and log weather data. During power or network outages, the data logger will continue to store weather data and the web site will be updated once the outage has ended. Web site weather data is automatically updated every 3-5 seconds.

Weather data is wirelessly transmitted from the outdoor weather station to the weather console located indoors. This data is then downloaded from the weather console to multiple software programs running on a dedicated computer using the VirtualVP program. The data is processed by a combination of Ambient's Virtual Weather Station program and Sandaysoft's Cumulus software. These programs not only transfer the data from the weather station to the computer, they also display, plot and store data for comprehensive monitoring and analysis. The real-time weather data is then uploaded to this website as well as shared via the internet with several weather reporting sites including:

Three different weather forecasts are provided. The primary local forecast is generated at Tyler Texas Weather using WxSim Weather Simulation software. Next, the National Weather Service forecast is generated at the NWS office in Shreveport, LA. The final forecast is an 'animated' forecast showing current and forecasted weather conditions. This forecast is from yr.no and is delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK.

Many different types of radar and satellite views are provided. I am able to provide radar specifically for the Tyler area using GRLevel3 Radar Software. This software allows me to show NWS Radar from both a wide area perspective down to the individual street level within Tyler.

Live streaming webcams provide 'real-time' viewing of weather conditions at TylerTexasWeather.Com. An Amcrest IP2M-841 IP Camera is used to provide the west-facing view of the sky and street. An Amcrest IP3M-941 IP Camera shows a broad view of the front yard. An Amcrest IP2M-841 IP Camera faces easterly and shows an excellent view of the sky as well as a view of the street. A Foscam FI9831W IP Camera provides an excellent northerly view of the sky. And, finally, a Foscam FI9831W IP Camera provides an excellent view of the driveway. Live streaming capability is provided by Blue Iris software. Time-lapse videos of the daylight hours of the prior day as well as 3-hour videos during the current day are captured by an Amcrest IP2M-841 IP Camera and created using IPTimelapse Pro software.

A Davis Instruments AirLink Professional Air Quality Sensor is to used to monitor real-time air quality. The AirLink accurately measures particulate matter for PM1, PM2.5, and PM10. An easy-to-understand graph and color-coded Air Quality Index (AQI) readings are provided.

Soil temperature and moisture sensors have been installed to measure soil conditions. The soil sensors are buried horizontally in the ground at a 4‐inch depth and an 8‐inch depth. Each level has a temperature probe and a moisture sensor.

This station was originally set up in Apex, North Carolina, in June 2004 under the name ApexNCWeather.Com. It was moved to Tyler in October 2006 and became TylerTexasWeather.Com. Historical data for TylerTexasWeather.Com can be viewed under the Weather Data selection on the website menu.

A local magazine recently did an article on my website. The article can be viewed here.

There are many people to thank for allowing me to use their resources in the creation of this web site and I would like to acknowledge a few of those here:

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Steve Fitzgerald