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Weather History For February 23

A great snowstorm raged along the New England coast producing 48 inches of snow north of Boston. Three large ships from Salem were wrecked along Cape Cod.
(David Ludlum)

The minimum temperature for the date is 11 °F in Washington, DC.
(Ref. Washington Weather Records - KDCA)

A severe blizzard in the Sierra Nevada Range closed Donner Pass. It stranded 750 motorists and claimed seven lives.
(David Ludlum)

A severe ice storm hit parts of Ohio. Up to one inch of glaze covered exposed objects.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

The first snow of only 0.1 inches and the only measurable snow of winter at National Airport.
(Ref. Washington Weather Records - KDCA)

An F4 tornado hit the Holiday Inn in Tuscaloosa, AL. Most of the upper floor of the motel was sheared away and a housekeeper was killed.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Third huge snowstorm of winter dumps 10.3 inches on DCAA winter storm buried the Middle Atlantic Coast Region under heavy snow. Totals ranged up to 24 inches at Lancaster PA, with 23 inches at Coatesville PA. During the height of the storm Philadelphia PA received five inches of snow in just one hour. The Washington, DC area was blanketed with up to 15 inches of snow.
(The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)
(Ref. More Information About This Storm)
Ref. (NWS Ranking for Storms between 1956 and 2011) This is the 41st Worst Snowstorm

Strong northwesterly winds ushered arctic air into the central United States, and temperatures in Missouri were thirty degrees colder than the previous day. The strong winds produced squalls along the shore of Lake Superior, with up to 15 inches of snow reported over the Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan.
(The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

Nineteen cities in the central United States reported new record low temperatures for the date, including Lincoln NE with a reading of 19 degrees below zero.
(The National Weather Summary)

A fast moving storm produced near blizzard conditions in Michigan. Snowfall totals ranged up to 9.5 inches in Allegan County, wind gusts reached 74 mph at Ann Arbor, and five-foot snowdrifts were reported around Saginaw. The Michigan AAA records showed more than 5000 traffic accidents reported, a near record for one day. There were several chain reaction collisions. One near Pontiac involved a hundred cars.
(The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

A black rain fell on parts of eastern Turkey as soot from the Kuwait oil field fires mixed with the precipitation.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Heat wave hits south with all-time February highs. San Antonio, Texas 100°, Oklahoma City, OK 92°, Fayetteville, AR 87°, Birmingham, AL 83°, Knoxville, TN 83°
(Bob Ryan's 2002 Almanac)

A very unusual thundersnow squall hit Kodiak Airport in Alaska. A C-130 aircraft took two lightning strikes.
Rivers were running out of their banks in parts of Illinois after record rainfalls in some areas, including Chicago the previous day.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Otis, Oregon:
Otis records its 79 straight day of of rain, the streak which began on 7 December 1997 is the longest in the contiguous US.
(Ref. WxDoctor)

On the 23rd - 24th Mount Baker Ski Area (WA) set the all-time U.S. snow season (7/1 through 6/30) record of 1,140 inches. For the 1st time in its 33 years, the ski area was closed because of too much snow. Chairlifts/parking areas had to be dug out/plowed.
(Ref. Weather Guide Calendar with Phenomenal Weather Events 2011 Accord Pub. 2010, USA)

The maximum wind gust of 46 mph occurred at 1314 from the west. This is the highest wind gust at Annandale Weather Center since December 12, 2000 when we also had a 46 mph gust.
(Ref. Annandale Weather Records) \

City Workers in New York City conducted a "pothole blitz," filling 1,600 potholes in just one day. The potholes formed as melting snow and rain combined to create the automobile-jarring holes. Just one week earlier, New York City had been bombarded by a major snowstorm on Presidents' Day.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

CA five day winter storm commencing on the 18th dumped 3 to 6 inches of rain on southern California coastal locations. The inland valleys received over 12 inches in the foothills and mountains and over 2 inches in the deserts. Some of the bigger totals included 6.80 inches at Fullerton, 12.33 inches at Lake Arrowhead, and 18.79 inches at Lytle Creek. The storm pushed San Diego's winter precipitation total to 3rd all-time. Three tornadoes occurred in Orange, San Diego, and Riverside counties on the 19th. Extremely heavy snow fell in the San Bernadino County mountains with 4 to 8 feet of new snow above 7000 feet.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Weather history data courtesy of www.glenallenweather.com.